I. Application of Solutions

Thorough application and continuous re-application of our biotech solutions throughout the property. – solution will be re-applied as many times as required to maintain safe levels for the prevention of infectious diseases per 90 day period by our team.

*Note this will be based on continuous testing and study of the results working closely with management and staff.

II.  Facility Testing & Reports

Testing device: calibrated medical grade ATP meter & various other recommended testing devices.

  • Multiple test points with re-testing (as much as required) w/collected results (data) approx. every 300-600 sq. ft.

  • Multiple reports will be available on a monthly basis

  • Bio-rep will visit facility 2-4 times per month and retest as deemed necessary to maintain safe levels of cleanliness against infectious diseases.

  • *note: after the facility has been “Certified Wright” with verified consistent passing results, the bio-rep will continue to visit the facility and re-test all strategic test points to assure the facility maintains it’s standard of cleanliness for the prevention of pathogens.

  • Data analytics: with consistent monthly testing and metrics, our data analytics team will be able to provide reports with data visualization to solve or discover problems relating to specific issues within the property.

  • Analytics reports can be reviewed & downloaded via a secure “Box” account

III. Solutions and Treatment
  • Our partnership with our manufacturers, technicians & solutions for the nullification and prevention of infectious diseases allows our team to assess specific issues and reformulate if need be according to our testing data for different areas in your facility. Our manufacturer is at your fingertips!
  • Once the bio-rep identifies the proper solutions (with our testing process) to be used for maintaining proper levels of cleanliness in the facility, the rep will spray the predetermined area / square footage.

  • Any necessary re-sprays and upkeep are also included throughout the entire program.

  • Delivery of Stone Shield solutions to the facility is also included.

IV.  Re-formulization of Bio-tech Solutions

Utilizing consistent testing and data analytics to recognize specific issues within your facility, our team will take this data and work with our manufacturing partners to re-formulate and create custom solutions for specific problematic areas of cleanliness in the facility.